We congratulate you for being interested in pursuing premarital counseling. That puts you ahead of most couples who do not get premarital counseling and then, too often, end up having marital problems that could have been avoided ahead of time.

And with marriage statistics not leaning in anyone’s favor, we feel strongly at Epic that God wants us to help couples build their relationship on a solid foundation. That’s why we put so much emphasis on our premarital counseling process. In fact, our pastors are so passionate about helping couples stay together forever that they will not perform a wedding for someone who has not gone through premarital counseling and who is not a regular attender at Epic.


We believe that marriage is to be a beautiful picture of our relationship with God. A Christian marriage between a man and a woman should be an example to the world that God is alive and real and is passionately interested in a relationship with everyone. Therefore, marriage should not be entered without serious prayer, thought, and preparation.


We believe at Epic that our relationship with God, through His Son Jesus Christ, has much to do with how we live our lives. Choosing to live our lives and our marriages by Biblical principles is an important part of experiencing a successful married life.

When we choose to live by God’s principles life typically goes better for us. When we choose to live outside of God’s principles life typically goes worse.

Thus, conversations about God and His will for your relationship will be a significant part of the premarital counseling discussions. The Bible will be our guide on this journey of finding God’s will for your relationship.


A major part of following God’s plans for your relationship involves remaining pure sexually before you get married. Sexual intimacy is God’s great gift to us and He knows that it works best within the boundaries of marriage. As you move through the premarital counseling, you are being asked to make a purity covenant to remain sexually pure until you are married. The Bible teaches that having sex before marriage actually weakens the marital foundation instead of strengthening it. And couples who have already crossed that line can restart that part of their relationship and experience God’s blessings for their commitment to sexual purity.  As you move forward with our premarital counseling, we ask that you make the following purity promises to God and your fiancé.

Purity Promise

  • In obedience to God’s commands, I promise to protect our purity from this day until our wedding day.
  • Because I respect and honor you, I commit to build up the inner person of your heart rather than ask you to violate God’s principles for our relationship.
  • Knowing that there is a chance we will not end up married to each other, I agree to protect your purity and mine for the people God has waiting for us to discover.
  • I pledge to show my love for you in ways that allow both of us to maintain a clear conscience before God and each other.
  • I pledge to maintain my own sexual purity and to give myself wholeheartedly to you as my special honeymoon gift on our wedding day.


At the onset of counseling, you will be asked to take the Prepare Inventory. The Prepare Inventory is a customized couple assessment completed online that identifies a couple’s strength and growth areas. It is one of the most widely used programs for premarital education. Based on the couple’s assessment results, a trained facilitator will provide feedback in the premarital sessions by helping the couple discuss and understand their results and learn new relationship skills.


The financial investment for those going through our premarital counseling is as follows:

Premarital Counseling: $100

  • Checks for premarital counseling should be made payable to “Epic Church” and placed in our giving boxes on Sunday, or donations may be made by following this link. Please write “Premarital Counseling” in the memo line.
  • Payable to Epic Church before the first session, either online or through our giving boxes.

Pastoral Suggested Donation: $100 for one of our pastors to perform the wedding ceremony.

  • Additional $50 if wedding is in Volusia County or St. John’s County.
  • Payable to the wedding ceremony coordinator at the rehearsal.

Wedding Ceremony Coordinator: $100 for wedding ceremony coordinator.

  • Additional $50 if wedding is in Volusia County or St. John’s County.
  • Payable to the coordinator at the rehearsal.
  • Wedding Ceremony Coordinator is required.
  • Once approved through premarital counseling, the Wedding Ceremony Coordinator will contact you.
  • Note: The Wedding Ceremony Coordinator is not a wedding planner. The coordinator will solidify the details of the actual wedding ceremony with the bride and groom. The coordinator will prepare everyone involved in the ceremony at the rehearsal. This person will be at the wedding and work directly with the pastor and wedding party to ensure the wedding is correctly performed.


At the end of our sessions, you will be given one of the following recommendations for our pastors:

  • Green Light: “I see no reason why you two shouldn’t be married.”
  • Yellow Light: “I see some problems in your relationship that will make your marriage difficult, but if you work hard you should be able to make your marriage work.”
  • Red Light: “I see major problems in your relationship and I do not recommend that you get married at this time. Our pastoral staff will not be involved in your wedding.”


  • If you are agreeable to the above expectations, complete and submit the form below to get the process started.
  • One of our premarital counseling facilitators will get in touch with you to schedule your first session at which you will complete your prepare inventory.
  • If you would like an Epic pastor to officiate your wedding, a pastor will be assigned to you after you have completed premarital counseling.
  • If you have any questions about our premarital counseling process, please contact us at 386.243.0113, or email us at

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